Petroleum Casing Pipes with material L80,P110

Tubing is pipe used for the transportation of crude oil and natural gas from an oil or gas layer to the surface after drilling is complete. It is made to withstand the pressure generated from the extraction process. Tubing is manufactured in the same way as casing, except that an additional process known as "upsetting" is applied to thicken the pipes.

Standard: API SPEC 5CT.
Steel grade: J55/K55/N80/L80/P110/C95
Tubing: From 2-3/8"(60.3mm)to 4-1/2"(114.3mm)
Pipe End: EUE/NUE
Casing: From 4-1/2"(114.3mm) to 20"(508mm),
Threads: BTC, LTC, STC.
Length range: R1, R2, R3



API Oil Casing Pipes/Tubing

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